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Gingersnap Sweets & Such








Ginger hot chocolate from Gingersnap Sweets & Such

Gingersnap Sweets & Such
1416 W. Irving Park Rd., 773-697-8529

Diced bits of fresh ginger are a chewy surprise in this otherwise smooth drink made with 64 percent couverture (chocolate enriched with extra cocoa butter) from Cacao Barry Guayaquil. Owner Jen Templeton starts with a homemade chocolate ganache for each of her six intriguing flavors, including pistachio and caramel walnut, and stirs in whole or soy milk. Or you can buy a jar of ganache ($7 to $8.75) and try it at home.



PURE WOW January 2013


Gingersnap, a tiny new bakery on the North Side, makes a daily selection of the British pie-in-a-pocket known as the pasty. We tried a pork-and-apple version ($6) with a crust so decadent, we could have eaten it sans filling. (Also at Gingersnap: an incredible St. Louis treat known as gooey butter cake, $2.) 1416 W. Irving Park Rd.; gingersnapsweets.com




HAUTE CHOCOLATE The cocoa baristas at Gingersnap Sweets & Such brew up six different flavors of high-end hot chocolate —including caramel walnut, ginger and a smooth traditional dark chocolate—all made with ganache and steamed milk and topped with handmade marshmallows. 1416 W. Irving Park Road, 773.697.8529


HUNGRY HOUND November 2012


DAILY CANDY October 2012


A Healthy Constitution
Superstar pastry chef Jen Templeton of Gingersnap Sweets & Such swears that when it comes to cakes, you’re limited only by your imagination — or, well, hers. Her range (from traditional layer cakes to customized dessert stations to party favors) and dedication (she arranges creations on-site) result in out-of-the-box endings like cinnamon cake with bourbon custard filling, pear compote, and maple buttercream.



SERIOUS EATS October 2012



TASTING TABLE September 2012


Sweet Stop

Gingersnap, a new North Center bakery to know

Gingersnap Sweets

“I can do pretty much anything,” says Jen Templeton of Gingersnap Sweets  assuredly when asked about her specialties.

Templeton’s new North Center bakery isn’t packed with displayed pastries, as  much of her business is wholesale. But the former Julius Meinl pastry chef can  easily whip up layer cakes, mousse cakes, tarts and pastries when given at least  a day’s advance notice.

She stocks her storefront with sweets of a simpler sort, like bacon-cheddar  scones, crumbly Breton cookies and whirlaways, sweet bread dough twisted and  studded with dark chocolate.

Take home a loaf of airy pain de mie to use for BLTs during the  final stretch of tomato season. The miniature loaves are the perfect size for  two sandwiches. And don’t leave without asking what’s in the cooler; on a recent  visit, pistachio Napoleons and caramel-topped shortbread squares were hiding  from the heat.

Templeton also makes syrups for flavoring coffee: vanilla, hazelnut, cinnamon  and walnut, with caramel on the way. Jars of house-made jam are in the works,  and come winter, she’ll have chocolate blends for hot chocolate and mochas.

Next up: pastries for the buzzy upcoming restaurant The Boarding  House.

Gingersnap Sweets, 1416 W. Irving Park Rd.; 773-697-8529 or gingersnapsweets.com

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DAILY CANDY August 2012


Gingersnap Sweets & Such
The 411: Jennifer Templeton (Julius Meinl) pulls double duty, baking for her tiny shop and Alpana Singh’s Boarding House restaurant (opening soon).
The goods: Spot-on, straightforward desserts (sweet and salty Bretons, savory scones, gingersnap cookies, pound cake, galettes) hit every note.


DISH August 2012


Emerging Details on Alpana Singh’s New Venture, The Boarding House

Posted Aug 22, 2012 at  4:16 PM
By Penny Pollack, Graham Meyer, and Carly Boers

Sing a Sweet Song

On July 23, Jennifer Templeton opened GingerSnap Sweets & Such (1416 W. Irving Park Rd., 773-697-8529) in a building with a small retail space and a large production kitchen, formerly belonging to the Austrian coffee shop Julius Meinl. Templeton already knew the space well from her time as the executive pastry chef for Meinl, so when it became available, she saw the stars aligning. A first-magnitude star in that constellation is Templeton’s second-degree-of-separation connection with Singh, who hired her to train cooks to produce her wares on a large scale at the Boarding House. Templeton plans a dessert menu of straightforward items such as seasonal fruit tarts and birthday cakes. “I like the idea that everyone should enjoy something really delicious every day, and the more approachable I make it, the more likely they are to do that,” she says. A noble philosophy, but encouraging the readers of this newsletter to enjoy something delicious every day is preaching to the choir.