sweets & such

the people

jen is here pretty much every day, cooking up delicious things she’s created for retail and wholesale clients alike. she has a small group of big personalities helping her along, and keeping her sane, and you may meet any of them if you stop by. some of them play music, some of them tell jokes, some dance funny, all of them are super smart and contribute to both the fun environment and the lovely pastries you see on the counter. nearly four years in and it is still the best job in the world!!!



throwing cake at the birthday bash

throwing cake at jen at the very 1st birthday bash


The woman behind the food:

Jen Templeton’s background is varied. She grew up baking with her mom & was lucky enough to have living grandmothers and great-grandmothers both, from whom she learned the virtues of growing one’s own food and cooking from scratch. Many cookies and muffins and pie and cakes were made during her small-town childhood. After realizing that the pursuit of philosophy and music degrees weren’t going to result in much on the job market, she moved to Chicago and tried having a “real job” in finance for about ten years. Just before the mortgage markets crashed she decided to plunge back into the kitchen life. After completing her education and internship at the French Pastry School in Chicago, Jen worked her way through various kitchen and management positions at Julius Meinl over a few years, ending with the Executive Pastry Chef role overseeing pastry for all of Meinl’s locations and wholesale clients. From there she went to Tiny Lounge, where she cranked out brunch items and desserts for the cocktail-focused lounge. The stars aligned in 2012 when her old production kitchen became available, and GingerSnap was born.

Lots of people helped with the realization of this dream. They know who they are.  They are invaluable people in Jen’s life and receive lots of random sweets.

Jen continues to play the flute in the Ravenswood Community Orchestra, and serves as treasurer on its board of directors. She spends the remainder of her limited spare time with her husband Joel, two wily dachshunds, Penelope & Molle, and the coolest cat ever, Ben G.