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Special Occasion & Wedding Cake FAQs

How much notice is needed for a cake order?

if you need a celebration cake for a birthday, anniversary or just because, please contact us with as much notice as possible. as we do not keep whole cakes available for sale on demand, we really recommend these be ordered in advance. we can sometimes accommodate next-day orders, but many of the fancier cakes we do take multiple days to prepare all of the components, so these would require 2-3 days minimum advance notice. custom designs may take more time, but we will do our best to accommodate you if we can!

wedding cake clients are accommodated on a first come, first serve basis, with many weekends during wedding season booking full several months in advance.

Does gingerSnap deliver?

we do offer delivery for all wedding cakes, sweets tables, and large catering orders. delivery fees will vary depending on location and time. we do not typically offer delivery for other orders, though with advance arrangements we may be able to accommodate your request depending on time and location. it may require use of a third party company, whose fees we will pass along.

How much do gingerSnap’s cakes cost? Is there a minimum order?

our celebration cakes are made to order and we do require payment in advance. payment is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. our standard 9″ buttercream cakes serve about 16-20 & start at $50, and our entremets (mousse cakes) start at $65. there may be additions for premium flavors and decoration. our basic decoration can include a basic “Happy Birthday” and some piping and décor to indicate the cake flavor.

we do not have a minimum order requirement for our cakes. however, due to the volume of business we maintain, we do require a $300 minimum for custom cakes or wedding cakes requesting a consultation, tasting or design sketches.

our wedding cake pricing is strongly dependent on design, construction and flavor. our base pricing starts at $5/ serving, with additional cost per serving for premium flavors, out-of-season or exotic fruits, finish & decoration, shape, etc. we will not quote pricing without a consultation. if you are planning a wedding on a tight budget, never fear! we can discuss your theme and can often find a beautiful and delicious option perfect for you. there are a lot of ideas outside of the box of traditional cake service that work very nicely and maintain a level of sophistication befitting a wedding celebration!

How do I order a cake?

please contact us via email info@gingersnapsweets.com, telephone 773.815.6067, or stop by the shop during business hours. please do not leave a message on the voicemail for a cake order! messages left outside of regular business hours may not be picked up in time to complete the order. and that would be sad!

if you are contacting us for information regarding a wedding cake we recommend you begin by scheduling a personal consultation using our easy booking tool:

lets talk about cake!


Can gingerSnap do catering or orders other than cake?

if you have an idea and it is pastry-related we can likely accommodate your requests. if it is something that is unfamiliar to us, however, there may be additional cost. if you are looking for additional options for your celebration we would love to share so very many great ideas with you! its exciting!

if you are planning a party and would like additional catering options we can do this! we work with some super talented people and we can do just about everything, though we are not able to manage bar services at this time as our license does not allow it.

Can gingerSnap help with party favors?

we love party favors!!! for birthday parties, showers and weddings we can create something as casual or formal, simple or elaborate as your heart desires. we have several packaging options and can create custom labeling to suit your theme.