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cakes for kids

we know that sculpted, 3 dimensional cakes have become rather popular. the construction of these cake limits flavor and texture options, and often require fondant, which really isn’t the best example of our delicious cake work. so, we usually would prefer to refer these requests to some of our amazing friends in the Chicago area who do excel at this work. (note, that these type of cakes are labor intensive, so the price tag attached does usually reflect this!)


child's cake (dachshund cookies)

we can offer other ideas, though, for cakes that will reflect the theme of your child’s party. using cookies, 3 dimensional fondant shapes, chocolate, and other little tricks, we have created several cakes that have made kids super happy, while still tasting great and not breaking the bank!

child's cake (fondant thomas)


Additionally, we do have a selection of shaped cake pans, and will happily make you a rocket ship, a smurf, a monkey… there are a lot of fun, nostalgic options!

superhero cake